Thursday, May 24, 2007

Museum of Christian History!

This has already been posted on Elisabeth's blog and most likely hundreds more....but I just can't help myself. There are so many things wrong with this place.

Did you ever see the movie Idiocracy? Not a great movie but I feel like it was some sort of ridiculous premonition for this. The "museum" feels like it's one step closer to the setting of that movie. Anyway, it's Museum of Natural History meets fairytale wonderland, only with Christian guilt and rhetoric layered in. Scaaary.

Although I must say it would be quite a treat to see the Noah's Ark exhibit where supposedly the boat is reconstructed at actual size. Remember: that's big enough to accommodate for the approximate 1.8 million different species of animals we have been able to record on the planet, two of each, including all the dinosaurs and minus the fish of course. And big enough for all the food and clean water it would take to sustain those animals for 5-6 months (some say longer). Not to mention all the plants and other living organisms that would have been destroyed. That's gotta be one big fucking boat.

Hey Noah, how did you keep the animals from eating each other? And hey, Noah why did you not warn all the other people on the planet? Yeah, that sounds to me like kind of a dick move Noah.

Photo: Noah's 600th birthday celebration.

So many questions to be raised, not enough hours in the day for blogging! Anyway, that's all I have.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Canada has cyborg quarters?

No silly, they're regular quarters designed to scare the pants off a few stupid Amercans.....duh.

Here's the link.