Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Trash Pit

Turns out that for the past few days I've been excavating what we think is a trash pit. We thought that the area was in doors, but today we found a corner that faced the other way making it clear that the area I've been digging was for rubbish... which means no coins and lots of 3000 yr old bones... including a boys tooth. Maybe moving to a new area tomorrow though.

Tomorrow there will be a barmitzvah on the site... should be interesting with us all digging and covered in dirt. I don't think I've mentioned the dirt really yet. There is a lot of dirt. And dust and it gets everywhere. I usually swim after we get back in the afternoon to soak before showering and even after the swim and a thourough shower I am still not clean. It's wonderful. On site the dirt is in the air we breathe and the ground we break which helps for breathing. I generally have a nice heavy mixture of sunscreen and mud coating my exposed skin and a spoonful of mud in my nose... it's wonderful... couldn't be more comfortible... really.

Tonight should be good lecture and an early night. Can't believe the dig is half way over already.

Be home soon.

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Mrs. Mc Q said...

Trash...Uck. Sorry Babe. Do you have access to nasal spray? masks? eye drops? I know you are learning so much. Be safe. Love ya Mom