Friday, June 26, 2009

Week 1 Done

I'm going to jump on and say RIP MJ. That's really unfortunate... I will forever be rocking with you.

Today was an interesting day on site. As effecient as we are, we cleared enough dirt and pottery and other artifacts to warrant boulder moving. Dr. Arav hired some arab workers from a nearby town to clear large rocks and some modern Syrian bunkers that dissect the Roman portion of the city (layers 1-2). The workers were not too happy about taking orders from our site supervisor who happens to be a women. They were mocking her in Arabic and carying on. Other than that the day was pretty uneventful... no major finds. I spent much of the day washing pottery, which was a nice break from digging.

This weekend will also be a nice break for we will be doing some touring around the Galilee region. The plan is to go to the mountains in the north near Lebanon... I've heard it's beautiful. On the other side of the mountain pass we will come to the Mediteranean where we plan to swim and picnic. After which we will make our way back to the Kibbutz and stop at a few sites along the way. Sunday is Nazareth and a few more ancient sites in the south... can't wait... need swim and shower.

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