Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Wine All Tastes Like BLOOD!

Wow, what an amazing and exhausting weekend. I've seen so much that my eyes are pleading with me for naps and energy bars. Today we went far far north toword the Lebonese border to a site called Tel Dan. Tel Dan was a Roman city, 1st century, like most of the major archaeological sites in Israel. This one was forested and cool, surrounded by a number of fresh water springs and beautiful mountains. I had no idea Israel could look like this.

After Tel Dan was a site called Tel Hadsur and was very impressive. The city itself was at once huge and situated on top of a mountainous hill (tel), like most Israeli cities in this area including the modern ones. Dan had a large man built water storage cave that descends 140 ft down and was all carved with 1st century tools.

Saturday was also exhausting but was much more exciting. We started the trip at Zipporri (Sepphoris). The site contained many well preserved 1st c mosaics, most of which I have pictures of... scenes of centaurs and Amazon women with one breast and an enormous illustrated story about the Nile and Alexandria.

We next drove through Nazareth in search of a church which we finally found but couldn't find parking so we headed on. The city itself was an amazing experience though. The homes are built on the hillside right on top of each other and when you get to the top of the hill the view is amazing.

Next was Megiddo, and there was all kinds of nashing of teeth and the sky turned to blood, but it was all good cause JC and I punched our fists in and blew it out and the winds calmed... The ancient site was the largest we had seen yet and was most imppressive. The site is most well known in modern times to be the birth place of the word armegeddon. The city had amazing stables that ran the length of the streets and a large underground sistern which we climbed down into. All hand carved with the same tools as Hadsur's.

The city of Beth She'an was by far the most impressive city we've seen so far and the last one of our Sat. tour. Within the walls of the city and four major city gates, there was an ampitheatre, 2 bath houses (1 Roman, 1 Byzantine), and many other monumental architecture. The streets were paved with polished marble and many many mosaics and columns. During the 1st century this city would have been magnificent.

Gotta gonow, they're kicking me out.

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